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Have you ever wanted to try a new hair product, but weren't sure what to buy or even where to look?  Or maybe you've wanted to try a specific hair product, but couldn't bite the bullet because of it's large price point? I know you have! Searching for the right product for your specific hair type can be an overwhelming  process, especially considering products are not cheap and come with zero guarantees. This is exactly why I've created Locks Box! I've taken you one step closer to finding the perfect products of YOUR hair.

xoxo Brit

My 20+ years of experience behind the chair have given me a very interesting outlook on people with amazing hair.  You see most great hair isn't usually great on it's own. Sometimes it takes a good color, cut or style...But it ALWAYS takes a good product to achieve the final look!  A good product can take an already naturally decent head of hair and elevate it! Trust me, whether we're talking curly, straight, frizzy, thin or thick, there's a product out there for your hair type! Take it from THIS product junkie with a pretty mediocre head of hair, ... Professional products work!  SO. "Step away from the drug store shampoo!"

There are A LOT of really great products out there, but where do you start looking?  The drug store, Ulta, a salon?  Now, who really wants to spend time researching and spending money on testing out full sized products?  Not me.  


Over the years, I've spent a lot of time testing out products and know a thing or two on what works, and what it's going to cost you.  In my store, I've listed my favorite product lines along with my favorite products! But how do I know what's right for you? By asking questions, of course. By personalizing your box we start narrowing the search from the jump, so don't wait!  I'm taking the waste and space out of your life! Subscribe to Locks Box!

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365 days of gorgeous locks!

Enjoy 3 product boxes a year, that include 3-4 travel sized products, prescribed for your specific hair type and desired style.  

 Enjoy a personally prescribed product every month.

Enjoy product education and styling tips for your specific hair type!


This is a great way of finding your new favorite products without all the waste and space!  

YOU will receive monthly kits with 3 to 4 micro (15 ml) sized, prescribed products! 

Enjoy product education and styling tips!



Frequently asked


What does a Locks Box include? Each Locks Box includes 3 travel sized (2-4 oz) products, prescribed for your hair's condition and texture.  You also get monthly product and styling tips, as well as access to other hair education videos and more!


How Does Locks Box work?  You will receive 3 Holiday Locks Boxes/3 months out of the year...one during the month of February, July and December.  The other 9 months, you will receive a monthly "preferred product", recommended by me!  Product sizes may vary.  You'll also get monthly styling and product tips as well as access to my hair education videos.  That's 365 days of gorgeous locks!


Can I try products without having to subscribe?  Yes, I also offer Swatch Kits.  These kits include 3-4 micro bottles (15 ml) of prescribed products for your specific hair type.

It's a one time purchase.

Can I purchase more than one Locks Box subscription?  Of course!

 I understand that other family members also want to find the right product for their hair needs.  Enjoy 10% off your second Locks Box.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?   This is an annual subscription that can be cancelled a year after your initial subscription purchase. If you choose to, you may utilize the freeze option at only $10 a month. 


How much is the subscription? Check out prices and options here.