Classic KAPSEL

The Classic KAPSEL/45 min Shampoo + Scalp Massage + Round Brush BlowDry 40 Add Iron Works for $12.50 to your Classic KAPSEL to create a longer lasting, voluminous look!

Flat Wave

The Flat Wave/45 min Shampoo + Scalp Massage + Rough Dry + Flat Iron Curls 40

Straight and Sleek

The Straight and Sleek/45 min Shampoo + Scalp Massage + Rough Dry + Flat Iron 40

The Siren

The Siren/45 min Shampoo + Scalp Massage + Rough Dry + Wand Curls 40

The Undone

The Undone/45 min Shampoo + Scalp Massage + Rough Dry + Flat Iron Waves 40

The Upstyle

The Upstyle/45 min Shampoo + Scalp Massage + Rough Dry + Simple Upstyle 40

The Brand Story

Oribe Hair Care was founded by renowned editorial and celebrity hairstylist Oribe and beauty industry veterans Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger with the goal of creating a new kind of hair company, one that was designed with the most talented salon professionals and the most discriminating customers in mind. When developing the line, we didn’t want to compromise on any detail. We leveraged skin care technology and natural actives to deliver high-performance, treatment-based products—all while never forgetting that healthy hair is the underpinning for sexy, glamorous styling. Each product has been tested at length on set, backstage and in the salon to ensure that it delivers results, leaving us with a best-in-class collection that truly meets the needs of the hair-obsessed.

The Fragrance

Oribe’s signature scent, Cote d’Azur, runs through the line at the lightest levels, designed so that the products in each individual’s hair ritual work together…and build upon each other. Developed in collaboration with one of the oldest French fragrance houses, tracing its roots back to the 1800s, Cote d’Azur was conceived to be beautiful and bright yet calming and composed—the perfect morning wake-up call, afternoon pick-me-up and evening mood-setter. The signature scent awakens with hints of citrus-soaked Italian bergamot, pink lemons, white peach, cassis and muguet, balanced with Aomori apples and leafy greens. Cedarwood, white amber and musk lend their soft woody notes, while Cuba’s national flower, la mariposa blanca, creates a sensual and invigorating experience throughout the day.

The Packaging

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…in our case, feel free. For us, packaging is an immediate sign of what the consumer can expect from our brand: something elevated, sophisticated and fun. Oribe Hair Care’s award-winning packaging was designed to make the experience of using the products as beautiful as the formulas themselves. Every detail was carefully crafted and nuanced, from the shape of each bottle to the eco-friendly boxes sourced from well-managed forests and printed with vegetable inks. The architectural facets and striking jewel tones perfectly blend old-world heritage with modern elegance. 

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