To improve your Locks!

Have you ever wanted to try a new hair product, but weren't sure what to buy or even where to look?  Or maybe you've wanted to try a specific hair product, but couldn't bite the bullet because of it's large price point? I know you have! Searching for the right product for your specific hair type can be an overwhelming  process, especially considering professional products are not cheap and come with zero guarantees. This is exactly why I've created Locks Box! Subscribe, fill out an online hair survey, and get your monthly prescribed products right at your door step!


The goal is to try before you buy! Each box includes mini and micro sized products specifically prescribed for you and your hair type.  Let me help you with the search by getting your prescription, then see what products you like and what you don't.  Once you find products you love, shop here at the "members only"portal for featured deals.  Locks Box takes you one step closer to finding the perfect products for YOUR locks!  

xoxo Brit



Individualize.  After 20+ years of being behind the chair and working with multiple hair types, I completely understand that everyone's hair needs are different!  Our hair does not all fit in the same box, so you can rest assured the only thing I'll be putting into a box are your prescribed products!

Prescribe. Because you have specific wants and needs for your hair, I will personally prescribe some of my favorite products, that I know, love and believe will work for your hair type! No generated survey here!  I read each virtual consultation, and take into consideration all the info you provide. The only thing you have to do is decide which products you love!

Simplify.  Once you get your subscription, you'll notice that the packaging and bottle sizes are small disposable and measured out for at least two to three applications. Giving you just enough product for multiple experiences, resulting in less waste and space. The application and styling process is also made as easy and as simple as possible with my easy step by step instructions, included in each box.  Making your beauty routine as stress free as possible.  No mess, no stress.

Educate.  I believe product education is so very important when teaching clients how to style and achieve their hair goals.  Each box will come with a product education package so you can use it just like the pros!

Beauty First.  Just like personality, style and hair types, beauty is also individual to each person.  With my quick styling tips and tutorials, I want to embrace what you believe beauty is.  All while keeping your locks happy and healthy.


All Subscriptions Come With:


A Prescription Box Every Month 3-4 prescribed products for your hair

Product and Styling Education New tutorials and tips for you monthly

Access to Discounted Products Make an online order whenever you want