3 Easy Steps to becoming a 6 Figure Stylist

Updated: Mar 27

I’m sure, if we’re all honest, we would say…”I’d like to make more money, but I don’t know how?” #6figurestylist

Making money isn’t easy without planning, however losing it…can be a piece of cake! And after 20 years in the industry, I’ve experienced both loss and gain. Let me share…

Let me preface this by saying, these are the first out of many steps needed to take, in order for you to make more money. First things first…

Cut The Chaos

It’s a fact, you are way more likely to enjoy your career (managing your clients and skill) behind the chair if your schedule runs smoothly and your able to think clearly. So it’s simple, cut out the chaos. #cutthechaos

First, It’s important that you show up at least 30 minutes early to get your day planned out, and organized. There is no such thing as ”accidentally making more money”, which means don’t wing your days behind the chair. Take time to breath, and get your mind right, at the beginning of the day. Use this time to plan out what products you can sell each client, or ask yourself, what type of add-on services would my clients benefit from, etc? #locksbox #professionalproducts

Secondly, you’ll also need your schedule to run smoothly, there’s no stress like the stress of running behind. We all know that one late client or service can make the ENTIRE day run behind, so know your service times and stick to them! Need help with breaking down service times? Shoot me a message.

Lastly, prebook your clients after each appointment. This does two very important things…one, it helps alleviate “burn out”, especially on your days off. No one wants to manage scheduling and texting with clients back and forth when you‘re technically off. In other words, your day off, should be “your day off”. It also trains your clients to follow your processes (to keep you organized) and paints the picture (for the client) that you’re busy, confirming the need to prebook! These are all simple, but very pivotal career moves that can elevate your career.

So don’t forget…

  • Show up 30 minutes early

  • Know your service times

  • Prebook Clients at their appointments

xoxo, Brit

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